Since Paul the Octopus rose to international fame during the 2010 World Cup psychic animals predicting the results of football matches have become all-too-common, so it was refreshing to see a psychic animal feeding session in Ukraine enlivened by a topless feminist.

"Topless feminist disrupts psychic pig's feeding time"

The group carries out topless protests to highlight the growth of the sex industry in Ukraine and has targeted the championship - which it says feeds sex tourism - and UEFA president Michel Platini.

Topless Feminist Pig

It's a nice idea and it got me thinking. Could this be a way to reinvigorate the now passée psychic animals genre. I envisage a topless feminist being dropped into the Kiev fan zone with each breast painted with the flag of one of the competing teams. The outcome of the game is then predicted by noting which breast the beer swilling fans grope first. It's psychic animals with subtext. Topless darts meets the Vagina Monologues.